Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Who's Your Santa??

Without further ado... I give you our THREE FAB SANTAS!! These three awesome photographers fell subject to being on the OTHER side of the camera this December ... doing their very best SANTA :)

The only thing is... I'm having trouble coming up with the right captions for them! SO here's the deal: anyone who identifies all THREE Santas and comes up with quotes for them will be in the running for either a FREE DVD from our BananasEDU collection or $100 off a Business Boot Camp! I have an impartial judge standing by that will choose the most original, fun, awesome captions and we'll announce the winner sometime on Friday!

You can put your submission in the comments field or email them to us at info at !

The deadline is this Thursday (12/27) at 11pm EST. Quote away!!

Santa 1

Santa 2



eric said...

oh dear god.

Grazier Photography said...

1. Hmmm... da Bulls or da Bears?.... na, da Patriots.
2. Arrrrr... I should have crunched those numbers soonerrrrrr
3. Do I look like I'm worth $.19?

Dinea de Photo said...

I love them all. Calvin Klein Santa is definitely out of the box.

Liana said...

And the winners are..... Santa #1!!! Congrats!!

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