Friday, December 28, 2007

Day 3: The Art of Sales

If you’ve ever read Robert Kiyosaki, you might remember reading about a conversation he had with an author in Paris. The author was asking why Kiyosaki’s books made more money even though she thought her writing was better.


Kiyosaki points to the cover of one of his books and brings to light “notice it says ‘Best Selling Author’ not ‘Best Writing Author’!!” Perhaps we should take a course on sales instead of focusing only on our photography?

If you haven't read it yet, Rich Dad Poor Dad is a MUST READ!! Want more on sales as it pertains to the photography industry? KISS Merchandising is exactly that! It also helps you put together packages and figure out pricing!

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jamiedelaine said...

I've read it and it's AWESOME! He's a great writer. Straightforward, clear, I love the diagrams he uses.

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