Wednesday, June 3, 2009

18 Boot Camps in 2 Years

April was an amazing month for us, and also explains my MIA-status here on the BananasEDU blog.

If you've been following my liana's bananas blog, you'll know that I married my leading-man in Beverly Hills on April 5th, 2009 after which we spent a month away - traveling to New Zealand and Australia for our honeymoon. Oh yes, and also to teach TWO AWESOME Boot Camps in Australia!

April also marked the 2-year anniversary of the start of Photo Biz Boot Camp. I'm completely humbled and in awe of the opportunities I've been given over the past few years, including the EIGHTEEN (yes 18! Wow I said it!) Boot Camps that happened in Atlanta and all over the US and even abroad.

So what's next? I honestly never expected that people would REALLY step up to learn about their "numbers" and what I so fondly refer to as the "not fun-stuff every entrepreneur must know." I never expected that two years later people would still gleam insight an those "ah-ha" moments from a DVD we cut on a rainy winter week here in Atlanta, bad videography and all.

2007 was a year of blood, sweat, and tears producing the DVDs and massaging the class notes and curriculum into what they are now. But I'm still doing my Crazy Simple Workflow every day (or having someone do it for me!) I'm still running my numbers 5, 6, 12 times a year. KISS merchandising is something I haven't gotten quite beyond yet because I'm adding a new album company this year, and opening a lifestyle portrait studio that gets it's own set of products. I used the Brand Camp methods to create Ugly Cakes company for someone else to run, and a new brand for the portrait side of things.

So what's next? My mailbox full of requests for Future Boot Camp dates is starting to nudge "schedule for fall/winter 2009" to the top of my to-do list. I long to mix things up a bit, add something new, re-do the DVDs, teach larger groups again. I know that the small group format is what works best though. The feedback is crystal clear. I've got ideas, lots of updates to make, but for once in my life I know something is right. I know I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing.

So here's to another two years and any feedback, ideas, insights, suggestions you may have for me. Cheers!


Lydia said...

Congratulations on 2 years! I'm really hoping you do another Boot Camp in northern California! I'm so sad I missed it last time. This is exactly what my business needs!

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