Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Watch this Video by Zack Arias

This video was brought to my attention today so I hopped over to Scott Kelby's blog to take a look.

I have to admit I almost clicked off during the intro... we think that photoshop, locations, the latest shoot that made that magazine is SOOOO important to what we do. It makes my head just want to explode!

We talk about these things non-stop, BUT in the grand scheme of things it Just Doesn't Matter. Zack puts into words and visuals in this video what I believe a LOT of us go through as photographers. While I really can't explain how I feel sometimes, Zach says it perfectly, poetically here. Get past the intro. Just watch.


Jenny said...

wow. chills.
can't even BEGIN to say how much i relate to, thanks for posting this.

Lauren said...

that was simply freaking amazing...and so accurate. thanks

宜蘭民宿 said...
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shawna365 said...

Very compelling, moving and very true. It makes you aware, but also makes you see that you are not alone; everyone has the ups and downs, doubts and fears.
Thanks for posting. It actually is a very inspiring video.

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