Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last Call: Where to go for FALL 08 BBCs? Email us!

What an awesome response!! Thank you to everyone who's faxed and emailed in information to set up a Photo Biz Boot Camp in your area this fall!! We really hope we can accommodate a variety of different regions and make it easier for YOU!!

As I posted in the previous post, we're looking for individuals/studios to host and there are a few requirements and a bunch of benefits! Right now we're considering the following areas but may or may not have all the info we need from you to set it up:

Las Vegas
Northern California
North Carolina
PA/NY/NJ area
Texas (Fort Worth and/or Houston)

Of course we're open to hosting other areas not listed as well - just send us your info :)

If you're serious about the possibility of hosting a BBC, please download and review the following PDF and send us the info so we can be in touch. If you don't have a fax, simply review the sheet and email us the info we need from you at info at :)

***Click Here to Download a PDF with Hosting Info***

We will be contacting studios this week about figuring out dates and logistics so please hurry so we don't miss ya ;) Hopefully we'll have a schedule published next week sometime!!

Thank you all again so much for helping us take this to You! :)


Bethalow said...

I pick...uhm.....Northern California! :)

Emily said...

Hi Liana,
Have you chosen? Are you coming to Chicago?

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