Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Crazy Simple Workflow

Without further delay...

We finally are ready to share a little bit about a project we've been working on for the past few months. One of the most expensive things about wedding photography is the time it takes us to process the images and get them to the client. As professional photographers these are just a few of the many decisions we face:

- How to organize files?
- How to back up files to ensure they are secure?
- How to view images?
- How to take the best photos straight out of the camera?
- Should we show a slideshow on-location or online and how should we do that?
- How to spend less time in front of the computer and more time doing what we love - shooting pics!?
- How to get images and products to clients as soon as possible with top quality?
- What software to use and how to use it?
- What shortcuts and templates and tricks will help us use the software better?

All I knew is that There Has GOT To Be A Better Way! So we tested, experimented, researched, designed, and incorporated basic business smarts to our workflow. It's about working smarter, not harder; taking better photos straight out of the camera; starting with an end in mind; and Keeping It Simple.

Watch the video for a quick peak:

The awesome thing is we also added a quick shooting lesson as well and it shows all the key things you need to know about lightroom so the DVD lesson ended up being two hours instead of one. We've got our production time (including blogging, slideshows, AND albums) down to record times that clients can see everything in as short as hours!

I think the DVD ("Liana's Crazy Simple Workflow") will be out in the next week or two with pre-sales starting this weekend. Hop over to to sign up for the update and site debut :)

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J Sandifer said...

Cool promo...looking forward to seeing more of what you have to offer here! :)

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