Friday, November 28, 2008

Make sure YOUR business is in the BLACK! DVD Sale!

I LOVE to hear great news like this (just in recently)...

Hi Liana,
You are a huge part of my growth as a fiscally responsible person. I gave myself your DVDs for Christmas last year, devoured them during down time, and am now enjoying a 60% growth in my business. Thanks for the inspiration.

I want EVERYONE to experience the same financial-freedom and success that comes when you work ON your business not just IN your business... that's why we created these DVDs in the first place.

THIS WEEKEND ONLY we're giving an additional $50 off ALL of our DVDs in addition to the sale price! ***CLICK HERE*** to take advantage of this and enter the code BLACK50 (or 1227893492) at checkout for the discount.


Chelsea Nicole said...

Awesome sale! The discount code isn't working for me though.

Liana said...

Thanks for letting us know Chelsea! It's all fixed so it's working now.

We posted an alternate code too just incase.

Ellen McRaney and Ron Holt said...

Yea! Now I have the complete collection! Thanks Liana!

Chelsea Nicole said...

Thanks Liana! Hope you had a happy holiday weekend. :)

Liana said...

Thanks ya all!!

Jan said...

I can't figure out how to contact you, but it appears the profit center DVD I ordered was sent to my billing address not my shipping address. I won't be back at my billing address for another 5 weeks and wanted to get started with the DVD right away. Please contact me so we can figure out what to do about that.
order number 1413

Liana said...

Hi Jan - we send you an email :)

MattDJ said...

Hey Liana! :-)

I too can't figure out how to reach you regarding an order (#1414) placed a couple of weeks ago which I still haven't received. I don't know why but UPS called me today to find out what was up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm itching to watch these awesome DVDs!!! :-)

MattDJ said...

It took a few weeks but UPS finally got it together as the order came in today. :-)

Have an awesome Christmas!

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