Thursday, November 15, 2007

Photographers biggest problems... tell me!

We just wrapped another awesome Photo Biz Boot Camp and I finally have time to get to some of the hundreds of things I seem to have on my to-do list.

We were talking the other day about some of
- the issues photographers face and
- what we're looking forward to working on this winter

I have a feeling many of us photographers are in the same boat on this - and am interested in hearing what YOU think?????


Fed said...

Taxes! Accounting! Starting right!!!!

Jenifer Sellon said...

I totally agree with fed!!! (along with a few other things, but that about sums it up!)

Krista Guenin Photography said...

Discipline is a huge problem for me! And working at a computer by myself all day. I'm an extrovert so this sucks...

Fed said...

Jenifer, Liana will be at Matt an Enna's house doing the workshop. Wish I had the $ :( If your not going maybe we can get a group together to have her come back up to MA again. If that OK with you Liana :)

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